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Right of first Refusal

Part 1 of The Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 gives the right to certain Lessees the statutory right of first refusal. It prevents the Landlord from disposing of the property without first serving a notice of intention on the Lessees

1 .The premises must consist of the whole or part of a Building.
2 .Contain two or more flats held by qualifying Tenants.
3. The number of flats held by such Tenants must exceed 50% of the total number of flats in the premises.

There are certain disposals by the Landlord that are not a "relevant disposal" for example a gift to member of the family or in a settlement. We can advise as to whether any Transfer is subject to the act and whether a notice should have been served. If a notice should have been served and the transfer has taken place, there are provisions to take action to protect the Lessees position and issue proceedings for the transfer of the property to the lessees at the price of the disposal. The Landlord will also be possibly committing a criminal offence.

If a notice has been served, there are procedures that have to be followed to protect t the Lessees position, if they wish to purchase the property. There also more complicated procedures if a notice has been served in connection with an auction sale

If you are aware of a transfer that perhaps should not have taken place, without the service of the relevant notice, please contact us for advice.
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